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Our Services

1st World Developments is a diversely skilled firm focused on Market Research & full Suite Office Supplies. Our sole mandate is to build a relationship with our clients and further strengthen it through timeous delivery and credible results.
As the economic cycle extends, we aim to provide all our clients with information that systematically provides alternative researched content and manages it through implementation to result in achieving business objectives. We adhere to authenticated research methods and communicate immediate actions and emotions recorded in the field, to ensure all our clients receive true-to-life service.

Company motivation and performance are interdependent, which has galvanized us to provide a Full Office Suite. The Suite is a combination of products which are Office Stationery, Promotional Items, and Office Technology. All technology sold is licensed and we are an Authorised Reseller. The Suite’s offerings are competitive and are cover a wide range of brands.


A Brand is an intangible link that connects the customer to the company. Ensuring your  brand carries the correct perception in the mind of your customers is a paramount and unvarying venture. We practice the “Kaizen” model to mold your brand to garner and retain your customers.

Market Research

Curiosity is a thirst quenched by knowledge. We employ research methods that are an amalgamation of empirical, action-oriented, and reductive. All findings are simplified to affect practical applications for our clients.


Market Feasibility Study
Strategy & Data Analysis
Content Marketing
Promotional Items
Corporate Gifts
Exhibition Stand Design & Build.

Research Services

Advertising & Branding Research
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Research
Customer Opportunity & Needs Research
New Product Development
Focus Groups
Online Surveys
Business to Business